Friday, 17 September 2010

Brass band contest took place on 12th September

The world famous Hardraw Scaur Brass Band Contest takes place annually within our natural wooded amphitheatre to the rear of the Inn on the second Sunday in September. The band contest was first held behind the Inn in 1884 and were held upto 1927. Then in 1976 the Band Contest was restarted and has been a success ever since.

Band Contest 2002
Photo - The 2002 Brass Band Concert held on Sunday 8th September

After the completion of the competition, the concert MC will introduce the Finale programme. This is the traditional end to the day which takes the form of an impromptu concert given by the massed bands drawn from those who have competed in the contest. this enables both musicians and audience to come together and enjoy singing the hyms along with the bands.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Healaugh Crag

I was pleased with this photo with the dark and threatening sky above the Crag. Would make a lovely painting!


This is my favourite bird. I love everything about it, the way it looks, sounds, flies and tastes.
It should be Britain's national bird- Red Grouse are found no where else.