Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Planting snowdrops

There were lots of snowdrops in the garden at Laykin before the building works took place. They were nivalis doubles. I have planted clumps of nivalis atkinsii in the 2 front lawns- most last year and 3 new clumps this year. Eventually when they clump more we can split them and form a continuous strip of snowdrops by the front wall to cheer up the garden in winter.
The atkinsii variety grow well in my garden at home and originated from friends who used to live at The Dingle, East Dundry near Bristol where 6 bulbs were planted in 1936. They now cover the entire 2 acre garden with enough to spare for 1500 to be split and sold every year!
I also planted a clump near the apple tree and some by the wood shed in the top garden.
Atkinsii snowdrops are sterile so they don't colonise naturally but they are large and early flowering and I find them very attractive.

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